Artem Abzanov - JavaScript Developer

Hello, My name is Artem
I am a Software Developer

I started learning web-development 14 years ago when I was in school. And for the last 10 years, I have been professionally engaged in the development of web applications using the JS-based ecosystem.
During that time I've worked in companies dealing with binary options, involved in creating CRM systems and two start-ups one of them mine. And also worked in a large advertising broker.
I try to make any product as convenient as possible for those who will use them.
I always look into details.

P.S. And sometimes I play violin.

Experience 10+ years
March 2019 — Current Time

Soccer Science

Senior Software Engineer / Solution Architect


September 2017 — January 2019


FullStack JS Developer


February 2015 — July 2017


FullStack Developer


In February 2015 I joined PropellerADs team as a FullStack developer (but mostly as a front-end, because I didn't know PHP as good as JS).
This company is a broker(mediator) between advertisers and publishers.
In the next 2,5 years, we did a lot of interesting things, like a utility for finding competitors and analyzing the honesty of publishers.
Or we implemented anti-adblock ads. Our team also worked with advertiser or publisher managers and we developed many tools for them.
My general list of duties:
- Develop and maintain main-admin panel. The main tool for the company.
- Develop and maintain all others instruments.
- Migrate from Gulp + jQuery.widgets + less -> React + Redux + SASS + webpack + babel
- Develop and maintain ads scripts for browsers.
In the end, I left the company. There was a lot of reasons for that, including restructuring of the company, or my wish to move forward.
July 2014 — January 2015

IQ Option

Front-End Developer


In July 2014 IQ Option hired me in 2 hours after I had uploaded my CV on the web.
They offered me a position of front-end developer to implement the mobile version of their site.
I tried my best, and at some point the mobile version started to bring $5k/day from customers.
Also my duties included developing of the main web-app (angular + canvas) and supporting creative department with web-app-based landings.
I left the company because I did not get along with the bosses.
March 2014 — June 2014

Yandex Startup: Juisy

Main developer & CEO


In February 2014 I applied to Yandex.Camp. It is startup accelerator, where for 2 months ~50 different people tried to create teams and start own projects. I became with an idea of creating text summarizer and I gathered a little team around me try to implement it. We used my experience in the analysis of unstructured text and implemented two different MVP: – web-app, which remove "water" from the text – browsers extensions, which highlight most relevant sentences But Russian investors did not find their interest in the project, so it had to be closed.
March 2013 — March 2014

FullStack developer


The previous company wanted to start own new project. And we transformed into new start-up project. From the start, it was the social network for amateur sports. As a new company, we tried new methodology of development named "Agile" and Scrum-desk. Also as a new company, we used new technology and I insisted on using 'Node.js' to develop API.
April 2012 — March 2013


Front-end developer


It was an outsourced company. We developed several projects: – CRM for several companies and remote file-manager – SMS messaging system for Russian cellular provider – Three e-commerce projects – A lot of Landing pages jQuery, html5, css3
September 2016 — June 2020

SYNERGY University

Bachelor's degree — Information systems and technologies

December 2014 — December 2015

English First

Upper Intermediate Student (B2)

I improved my English from B1(Intermediate) to B2(Upper Intermediate)
The latest knowledge level check EF SET CertificateB2 (58/100)

September 2010 — February 2013

ITMO University

Incomplete bachelor's degree

Skills, Tech stack and Tools what I use

Soft skills: AgileScrumKanbanUX-thinkingRussian(native)English(B2)

Back-end: NodeJSMongoDBuWebSocketsExpress

Front-end: Vanilla JSReactNext.jsVue

Other: macbook pro 13'gitffmpegdockernginxubuntucentOSvimWebStormcoffeemilk-tea

Hobby and Things I'm Interested In
Thinking and Analyzing

My main hobby.
I like to analyze everything, and the first thing that I am analyzing everyday - myself.


I love music, especially violin sounds. That's why I am learning to play it since November 2015.


Eliezer S. Yudkowsky and his HPMOR made it clear for me that I am not the one in whole world who thinks as same as Harry Potter from that book.
I am very grateful for that.

Cartoons and Comics

Cartoons and comics
Yeah, I don't know why everyone didn't watch or read it.


I can't imagine my life without my laptop and creating some software, even if it a notifier for cat feeding schedule.


Today I am just a curious software engineer.
I like to read daily news about what happens in science world
But someday I'll become a part of this world. That's my current goal.